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East London

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5 months ago
Never again
I reached out to wax.wayldn for a wax (Hollywood and underarm). Firstly, there were no Hollywood pics and claimed all her clients were not comfortable with such pics being uploaded on Instagram when I asked. Which I understood to a certain degree, but was cautious as such service cannot be taken lightly. I went ahead and was keen on supporting a black business. She was only providing mobile service, which automatically came with a £10 fee. We scheduled an appointment for Thursday 14th 8:30PM at my home, whereby I paid a £20 deposit via sumup & the remaining to be paid on the day. Before paying she asked me to read through her T&C, to her defence I skimmed through her t&c and approved (I did not read thoroughly). Thursday afternoon she sent me a message, which stated she’s had a last minute meeting pop up and will not be able to attend, however if I cannot reschedule she can leave her meeting early and try to make it on time. She offered to come same time tomorrow (Friday) or earlier on Friday. She was super apologetic and we agreed to Friday 15th 10am. On the day, she entered my home and after greeting me she asked whether she’d get a car ticket. I said I’m not sure did you read the signage before parking, she said part of her T&C’s were free parking should be available/ sorted in advance. I said Tbf I didn’t read it, I automatically assumed that’ll be part of your mobile fee. However my bad, let’s crack on, if you get ticket I’ll come down and pay it for you when you leave. She then said, she doesn’t feel comfortable going ahead as apparently the area I live in tow cars. I said unless you have debt on your car or parked on a red route/ double yellow your car will not be towed. She still refused to go ahead. I then asked her for a refund, she said all deposits are non refundable. She then said she saw a pay and simply meter up the road maybe I can have a look. I quickly got ready and ran downstairs with her to sort out her parking. Unfortunately there were no spaces available on the road that was pay and display. We were stood outside in the cold & time was ticking. She then agreed to refund me the full amount, however she was unable to login to her banking as she claimed her face recognition wasn’t working (Tbf with face masks, face recognition doesn’t work, but you can also enter your passcode or move your mask). She suggested I text her my bank details and she will do it ASAP. Btw at this point I felt bad and said, just refund me £10, that way we’ve both taken accountability to how we contributed to the situation at hand. I sent her my bank details via text, and chased up with a message on Instagram whereby I said I think I should be entitled to the full £20 as she initially agreed, simply because If she stuck to Thursday 8:30pm appt, there would not of been an issue with parking as it’s free after 6:30pm. I didn’t hear nothing back from her, the next day she uploaded pics on her Instagram feed, whereby I commented and asked her to reply back to my messages. Please refer to the screenshots, this girl refused to refund me anything due my “tone” via message. She also believed she offered to leave her meeting early to make the appointment on Thursday 8:30pm. But my thought process was, if you know, leaving your meeting early was an option why message me to reschedule in the first place? I cannot parade and ask people to not use her service, however business does not run on pride and emotions. And that is where she went wrong. As you can see from the screenshot, I was not “rude” but instead I was straight forward and to the point. If it was up to her, we’d be exchanging countless messages for hours. Anyway, fast forward a few days later I have not received a refund and she has stated she’ll use the £20 to top up her fuel. FYI - I refer to her as “she” because I genuinely don’t know her name. Conclusion: she never had any plans on refunding, she didn’t refuse to refund because of her policy but instead because of my tone. Smh.

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