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Dom S
1.00 /5.00
2 years ago
Worst company I've ever ordered a wig from
If I could give 0 stars, I would. It's very clear there's a massive difference in how this company treats influencers compared to regular customers. The reason I found this company was through influencers and hypervisible people, so I assumed that their service and products would be of a high standard. I ordered a wig in advance for a trip, and even messaged to get confirmation that I'd receive it in time (it was supposed to arrive in 3-5 days). I was told it would be dispatched straight away and that I'd receive my order that same week . Almost two months later, the wig still hadn't arrived. My emails and messages were being ignored, even though I could see them posting and replying to other people's comments on their instagram posts. Since my numerous requests for a refund were being ignored, and I hadn't even had any sort of confirmation that my order had been dispatched, I ended up having to track down the owner of the building that the salon was being rented out from, and email her. She gave me her phone number and I explained that trap house salon had not dispatched my order, and were ignoring my requests for a refund. The owner of the building had to go into the salon, and tell them I was requesting a refund. Funnily enough I received my £200 that very same day, and was immediately blocked on social media from all of their accounts.
Lola B
1.00 /5.00
2 years ago
I’d give 0 stars if that was even possible!
They are VERY clear on their policies regarding how on time one must be. If you were late for more than 5 mins they’d charge you £5 for every 10 mins and the appointment would be cancelled if you’re more than 15mins late. Well, I got there ON TIME, and they had not finished doing the other girl’s hair. At first I decided to not say nothing, but then they went well over 30 minutes and I had to say something. The owner was so bitchy and dismissive, I didn’t even feel welcome. My main issues is you can’t charge people for being late and then be late yourself. Did they even refund me my money? NO! It’s funny because when it comes to known influencers the owner is super friendly. I wouldn’t recommend anyone going there to do their hair. Their professionalism is poor, specially if you’re not known.

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