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2.00 /5.00
8 months ago
Felt cheated for dishonest & half-hearted work
Booked a 6x6 mini Frontal to treat my mum. When she got home, I realised the closure had been very over bleached and there was a hole in the lace along where she had made the parting. It also looked very ‘wiggy’ & had not been plucked at all, despite the service booked being advertised to include customisation. (My mum doesn’t know much about hair so didn’t see anything wrong with the closure or realise it wasn’t indeed a mini frontal, and didn’t see the hole in the lace on top of her head as it had been concealed).⁣ ⁣ I contacted her as soon as and she said the closure was too dense to pluck. Bare in mind she did not say anything regarding this to my mum at the appt. nor message the details provided in the booking beforehand as the hair was dropped off prior. I couldn’t understand why the full payment for a mini Frontal wig was still collected, knowing that was not the service she had provided. Anyways, she refunded the excess amount after I chased it up, which was cheeky of her to even take in the first place.⁣ ⁣ I asked her about the hole too but she denied it. I gave this stylist a freshly bought closure which I examined before dropping off but as I could not prove she had made this hole, I had to just let that go. I tried to make the wig look as flat & decent as possible but eventually had to buy & replace the closure anyway as it was shedding like a dog due to it being overbleached (we always use lace from the exact same supplier which lasts ages). Also had to sow some loose tracks back myself less than 2 months later. The trash work that was delivered did not match up with what I saw on her IG page.

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