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South East London

1.00 /5.00
1 year ago
Bad service
So after seeing the whole #talkswithash I decided to leave my review on this company. I ordered a wig from them on the 3rd of September. I contacted them after a month and asked if they could send it to my new address, they said yes. Weeks later I ask them where my wig is they told me the hairstylist had been on holiday (who goes on holiday for a month when you have orders?). This continued for 3 months where they came up with excuses like royal mail losing it (they never gave me a tracking number, probably because no package was sent), and finally, the last chance they had to send the wig they did not send it on time(I could see on the tracking number that she ordered the shipping the moment I got angry and asked for a refund) and sent it to the wrong address (I told them twice my new address). The reason why I let it go so long is cause they offered me a free install, which I said yes to, but even then they never sent me my wig. I finally asked for a refund. They never issued one and after two weeks I told them I would report their company, two seconds later they issued a refund. So from the 3rd of September until the 10th of December, I went back and forth about my order. This whole time she was posting on Instagram doing "influencers" hair. I don't understand if she prioritized them more than a "simple customer" or if she saw that my address was abroad and she could do whatever she wants without consequences. I've heard good reviews from her, but my personal experience was horrible. Would not recommend. Hope this review helps!
5.00 /5.00
1 year ago
Slayedbybailey is the type of company to go above and beyond for her customers and my story is living proof of that. My hair had been previously dyed poorly and I didn’t realise until I got to my appointment. The pre made wig also did not fit my head properly but slayedbybailey was very nice and reassuring. Her customer service was excellent as she offered me a drink, was interested in why I was getting my hair done and proceeded to comfort me as I burst into tears after realising my hair had been ruined by the colourist. I told her I was doing my hair for my birthday and was going to Paris the next day, out of the kindness of her heart she offered to wait for me to collect an old unit from home to revamp and even helped me booked the cab. When I came back I received the best install I had ever received considering it was an old wig. She honestly saved my birthday and I gave her the biggest tip ever. I highly recommend you book her as she treats clients like humans and not walking banks!
4.00 /5.00
2 years ago
Really good
She was really nice and I liked how much hair turned out

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