Limelight Luxury Hair

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East London

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1.00 /5.00
2 months ago
Do not buy
As brutal as I can possibly be, the woman who runs this company is a witch. My frontal was atrocious and as stiff as synthetic hair. She claims she sells "Raw hair" but honestly, she sells floor hair. She'll initially try and play stupid whenever she sees you in person to collect her shit quality hair and then she'll make every lie and excuse to prevent you from getting your replacement or money back. It's actually hilarious the extent she goes to with lying. First she lied to me about not having stock after I travelled all the way to Dartford by myself to get my "replacement". Then she lied about refunding me for my travel because she wasted my time. She also lied about giving me a refund in general, then she lied about shipping out my replacement and lastly she lied about workers being in the office whilst she was in Nigeria having the time of her life with money she scammed people from. Keep in mind I travelled to Dartford for the 3rd time where she told me her workers were in and nobody was there. I spoke to someone on social media and they were also scammed out of their money. Surprisingly, I was told that this witch was broke and that's why she hasn't given anyone their momey back. Plus her name used to be Goldslimelight and she changed it probably because the reputation was ruined. She also blocked me on Twitter. I tried to get the money back from my bank but they couldn't retrieve the funds as she probably changed her account details out of fear.
1.00 /5.00
8 months ago
Scam company that changed their name from @goldslimelight

Scammed, had to get my money back through my bank, was contacted by several other girls some screenshots included. Spend your money elsewhere, and don’t waste your time here – you don’t get time back. They are changing their name and instagram page to continue.

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