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2 years ago
Wow! Where do I even begin? Ok, first of all, I give this Instagram business props for their use of Instagram influencers. Of course seeing Esther Falana from Bkchat on their insta page made me want to give coins and then a friend who I used to go university with bought bundles from them. She had no problems shipping was fast and as for the bundles; they were to a satisfactory standard. In 2018, I was going to turn 21years old and wanted to imitate SZA’s slime green wig (VERY POPULAR AT THE TIME) for my birthday look. I ordered a 360 frontal and three Peruvian bundles lengths 26,28 and 30 which all 613 THIS COST ME A WHOPPING £350! When my order arrived I was very much excited, when I opened the packaging I had received 1B natural hair and I was extremely disappointed I contacted PreciousVirginHair to inform them of this mishap to which they said I didn’t ask for 613 - luckily I’m the type of person who screenshots. The company then took responsibility for the mishap. As my birthday is in the first week of November I was already stressed enough as it is with birthday plans the hair arrived on the 25th October so I decided to bleach the natural hair PreciousVirginHair. Of course, provided PreciousVirginHair gave me instructions on what products to use for the process. On 3rd November, three days before my birthday I contacted this vendor again to inform them that not only did the hair not take to the bleach or hair dye but that it dropped from the tracks (Sent videos and pictures to them). They requested to me send the bleached bundles back saying that they must’ve received a bad batch of hair and as this has never happened before. They didn’t want to offer a refund so they offered me an exchange I explained to them how I couldn’t afford to risk another mishap again they assured me that the next batch of hair would be to satisfactory level. Keep in mind at this point I had spent way over my birthday budget. I had no choice but to send the bundles back and I provided a new address for the new 613 360 frontal and bundles. I requested for the bundles to be sent to my other address in the midlands (as I was studying in the midlands at the time) instead they sent the bundles to my London address. This required me to spend more money for travel to receive my hair. When I picked it up from my house I only received three bundles and no 360 frontal which I was promised. Having not received my full order again sadly disappointed, I requested a full refund as I had already spent way over my birthday budget and I still did not have green slime hair on my head as planned. They made an excuse and I quote “since my colleague was rushing to meet deadline he left it out”. I then responded and explained to them that this was non of concern and in turn PreciousVirginHair replied and I quote, “okay, we initially offered you a refund because we knew we couldn’t meet your deadline, however you agreed for us to send you the hair. We kept you updated all the time even dow it delayed you didn’t request for a refund. However now that you have the hair and we have ordered it on we will not be able to give you a refund. If you check our policy even if hair is faulty after 72hours we do not accept the hair.” I found this insulting considering it was their fault. A whole week later, I then received my 360 frontal wig, dyed it myself slime green and paid a hairstylist to reconstruct the hair and she installed it for me. The wig was beautiful and I was happy with he result in the end. Despite, the dreadful process of actually receiving what I wanted in the first place. As soon as I removed the wig from my head to wash it, I noticed the hair became extremely matting and it started to fall apart. I never got to wear the wig again and it shedded everywhere. I contacted the person who I spoke to the most at the time via phone and I was told that “we did everything we could for your birthday. We made sure that we got the hair out to you as soon as possible. My other colleagues informed me to leave your hair and to not bother with sending the rest of the hair that you paid for. You are not being appreciative.” At the end, I had to come to a realisation that I had no choice again but to ‘take the L’. I contacted PayPal and I was told that because I had trusted them in the past, it compromised PayPal’s seller protection. In total I had spent £750 on the hair alone which (This included travel, hair dye, wig construction and installation) I never even got the chance to take pictures of my birthday outfit nor the hair. DON’T ORDER FROM THIS INSTAGRAM BRAND THEY’RE NOT WORTH THE MONEY UNLESS YOUR’RE AN INFLUENCER THAT’S THE ONLY WAY YOU BE TREATED FAIRLY. Lucky they even got 1 Star

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