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2.00 /5.00
4 weeks ago
Was getting her hair done instead of doing mine
I was in a salon for 4 hours for a ponytail, we did not have a set time as it was a pop up if you can come that is the only reason I held my tongue I just knew I would not be returning. for two hours the stylist was getting her own hair done somewhere else, I had messaged to let her know I was there -probably an hour into waiting after being told she was on her way, she lied and said she had gone to the shop, this was not true. A random guy came into the shop and said he had just texted her she was not near the salon she was getting her hair done. In the end she took so long the other stylist had to wash, blow-dry and straighten my hair. When she arrived she started redoing her own hair because she didn’t like whatever they had done. She was a nice girl and the style was fine but very unprofessional and poor customer service. Was going in and out of the salon, on her phone, was told by one person who had come in an out of the salon a few times to get on with my hair before she really did. In the end she didn't do the ponytail she even advertise, 1 - because she was unprepared - did not have the rubber bands needed for the hairstyle and 2 - I was so over it I requested she just do a simple ponytail, very disappointing experience overall.
3.00 /5.00
3 months ago
When it comes to ponytails I genuinely think Ponydbyblasian really comes thru. It doesn’t even matter what your hair type is because she’s able to grip your hair and make it flat. I have 3b/3c hair type and she patterned my hair properly . The only thing she needs to improve on is customer service because she comes across as if she has stink attitude / carefree (i.e she forgot about my appointment and actually told me she forgot lol)

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