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5 months ago
21st Nightmare
My 21st birthday was coming up back in 2019. This is a birthday most girls look forward too. Originally I wanted to book with Sandra Amika wigs but she got booked up very fast. Monique Charles was my plan B. So before booking Monique I went on her website to ensure I read all the details etc. On her site at the time there was NO mention on the type of lace colour I needed to get for my skin tone. All that was mentioned was transparent and medium brown lace. (for context I’m a darkskin girl). There was no lace guide at the time whatsoever. I bought the bundles and frontal from Belle.Tress deep wave. The reason I booked Monique was because her units were glueless and it was my first time using a frontal so that was the best approach for me. So my bundles and frontal arrived hair was nice and soft. I gave my hair some highlights as it was summer time. I was making my way to Moniques studio which was in Ealing broadway at the time. She messaged me saying that she was going to be 30 minutes late as she was still doing another clients hair, I said that’s fine because I took the whole day off to allow for this. I got to her studio. She asked to see the hair and the frontal and simply bluntly said I can’t use this frontal on you because the lace is transparent. Mind you my birthday was the next day and I was going to go wireless. Im sitting in the salon stressing because I literally don’t know what to do I had worked hard and saved my money and now she’s saying that she can’t do my hair. So I was making a few calls to my friends that get their hair done to see who they recommended and then Monique said that she will see if she could tint it but I had to pay extra I said that’s fine I just want my hair done. My appointment time was 2 hours, which was enough time to make the wig on my head. The reason why she didn’t want to tint it its because she had an eyelash appointment booked straight after me (which I don’t know why she did that when things can happen in her field of work) she rushed my tint, she ended up cutting the lace very very badly (which I realised later on) and the wig band was sooo tight to my head I couldn’t bare it even why she did loosen it. I contacted the hair supplier to see if she could bring me a new frontal but she would not have made it in time for my appointment and plus I had already highlighted the frontal. When the hair was done it did look initially nice but artificial light can be deceiving. I ended up meeting with my friend and she was omg your hair (but not in a good way) she said the wig was pushing back, the frontal was lifting and that Monique did a bad job.(I will attach videos) So my birthday came now and on that morning I wrote Monique an email talking about the hair and if she could fix it. However, after I got my makeup done I took myself straight to her salon for her to fix I expressed to her my concern and said that it seems like you insta stylist only do influencers hair nice but me someone who is trying to work super duper hard for her money cant even get decent work. She said that was not the case and said she will fix it. The unit ended up turning into a glue unit and Monique said under her breath that she will not be refunding me any money for turning it into a glue unit (there was literally no difference she just applied normal got 2 b glue) At this point I was over it, everyone in the salon could feel my uncomfortableness. I was so irritated. At the end it was done and she gave me a birthday card which I threw in the bin. I hate people who are so money hungry and are so quick to add all types of fees but cannot simply deliver basic customer service. As for the wig I haven’t worn it since, the frontal needs replacing due to her mess up.

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