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2 months ago
Basic products from Aliexpress t
Ordered a wig and a bonnet and it still has not arrived, why does Renee have a business when she does not care at all about her customer service it’s a disgrace, the only reason why we buy your over priced rubbish is to support you because we were fans of your channel but this is super irritating when these business owner just think they can take long breaks without anyone over watching their business, but still have the nerve to show the products as available and ready to be delivered. She is a lazy business owner and absolutely no different to a scammer. It’s been 2 months and I have not received any response to my queries on my order, I’m sorry but you being a menace on social media then going on breaks disguising it as “getting closer to god and working on your mental health” (even though you say and do this every 4 months it’s mot a good enough excuse to F off your customers. Close your business if you are not ready to do it properly.

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