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2 weeks ago
You've been warned! There are kids that can do better than that.
You've been warned! There are kids that can do hair better than that! Queenie Igiln aka 'lavishlacelounge' is the worst company to purchase a wig from. After these reviews, she will probably change her business name. You can't be too careful with dishonest people like that. I was on Instagram, looking for a vendor to potentially become a regular customer for. I checked out the page on Instagram (lavishlacelounge). Lol. There is nothing lavish about the wigs she sends you personally, let me tell you. Don't let that feed fool you. I contacted 'Harriet' (multiple names which I didn't know at the time, but huge 🚩 flag) via insta message and specifically told her what it is I wanted and asked if she was able to do it. She said yes. (pictures below) If you don't mind paying for a wig with no customisation, then it may not be too bad for you (although you could get it cheaper from Ali Express). But, if you want to buy from someone who knows what they are doing, return back to your Google search and look for someone else! In our initial chat to confirm her services, I told the seller that I wanted bleached knots, a plucked hairline and baby hairs. On her page, it states 'wigs are fully customised' , she should probably remove that 'claim' (plucked and bleached knots) and that she is a hair colourist (lol). I contacted the seller directly to confirm if the wigs come customised to which she replied yes. Light work really if you actually know what you're doing. I didn't really ask for much. I explained exactly what I wanted and she was adament she will do it. I even sent her pictures so she could see what I wanted. I got the wig and it was pathetic. They didn't even have the decency to take it out of the Ali Express packaging. There was NO customisation and the knots were not bleached. I reached out to the seller and she offered to correct it, which is fair, so I returned the wig. The seller lied to me and told me the wig was shipped. A week later, I still didn't have my wig so I reached out to her. She apologised and said she would send it. There was no difference to the wig. So sending it back was a complete waste of time. I contacted her again but this time she backtracked and said the pics online are from people who have had it installed. So that means you don't customise them then? Either be honest about your limited capabilities or make it clear there are no customizations. Now she is ignoring me. So purchase at your own risk. Those pictures on her Instagram feed, etc. could never be from her handiwork work, no way. In regards to the hair itself, i've had better quality elsewhere. It looks like a birds nests at the back. But if I just slick the wig back with wax, as she was so kind enough to suggest, the wig will start growing its own babyhairs and it will change the colour of the knots. Scamming people out of their hard earned money is not ok. So if my reviews save even just one person, I'm happy. I know some people make up malicious reviews, but the pictures are there. What's more hurtful, is that I personally try to support black businesses where I can. Not only do situations like this make it harder for you to continue to do so in the future, but it also takes away the credibility from the hard working and honest ones.

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