__foreverlashed (also known as LashingForLife)

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Based in South East London

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1.00 /5.00
5 months ago
Eyelash tech that steals
Terrible! This lash tech had been booked in for a 5pm appointment which she tried to change last minute to a 7pm appointment. I refused and said I couldn’t do later than 6:30pm considering the fact that I was travelling from quite far (shes based on Woolwich by the way). We agreed to do a 6:30 appointment. I arrived about 15 mins early and messaged her to let her know. She then told me she was going to be late and I should expect her at 7pm. I made it clear that this was unacceptable behaviour and she responded in an extremely rude and patronising way, didn’t show up and cancelled on me. This girl hasn’t returned my deposit to this day!! There was a Twitter thread relating to her and her disgusting attitude and people described how she’s stolen their deposits or changed prices last minute etc. Someone alerted her about this Twitter thread and she changed her insta handle from @_foreverlashed to @_lashingforlife she’s blocked me and limited her comments 🤦🏿‍♀️. Watch out for this ! Lash tech in Woolwich - located about 10 mins from the train station.
1.00 /5.00
5 months ago
Didn’t show up and blocked me
Lash tech who didn't show up, cancelled when I complained and this idiot still hasn't refunded my deposit and has now BLOCKED me. switching up your whole brand from _FOREVERLASHED TO __LASHINGFORLIFE Just so she wouldn’t have to repay my deposit. Turned off commenting on her pictures and added no refund deposits to her page also! She’s done this to about 6 other girls too. She lives in woolich

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