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Lash technicians

South London

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5.00 /5.00
7 months ago
Love at first appointment
From my first appointment, I knew I would be a long standing client. This lash artist (because that what she is, a true da Vinci with lash wand) is incredible. She is welcoming, friendly and is always ready to hear my new ideas of a set. She always slays my sets exactly how I’ve described it and better. The retention of every set has unbelievable because her application is phenomenal. I can confidentially go on holiday to a hot country for 2 weeks knowing I’ll slay every photo. No gaps or excessive fall outs. Every lash is isolated!! Fluffy lashes every single time. She has never let me down. Not only is her work amazing, she is truly a blessing. She is on time and always has me slashed early. She is so quick! Her space is comfortable, clean and so relaxing. If I need a chit chat or just quiet, she is accommodating during my appointment. She is the one thing I don’t have to worry about in life. Her consistency is fantastic. A genuine lash artist who does her very best and makes sure you are comfortable throughout. If I get watery eyes and she’s got a cotton bud at the ready. I don’t know if words can express how talented she is. The experience has continued to be overwhelming good every single time! Wholeheartedly, I recommend using her services to everyone! She has never disappointed me and it has now been just under 3 years of being her client!

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