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1.00 /5.00
4 months ago
Atrocious customer service. Just rude
My experience wasn’t good overall as the situation wasn’t resolved. Lake Sanu did my wedding makeup and she came an hour late. This meant I ran late and as a result, I had to pay extra for my wedding car. So I was out of pocket because of it. I wanted to find out if she was going to stay an extra hour to make up the lost time. But I was stressing about a lot of things, one being that my wig started to fall back (unbeknownst to me at the time). Lake told my friend this and as she does hair, my friend asked her if she’s able to help me with the wig. She told my friend “no, it’s not my problem”. Again I didn’t know this. My friend was angry with her and found her very rude. Anyway she came to me very nice and said “babe your wig is sliding, I will fix it for you before I touch up your makeup”. I was so happy. I was contemplating whether to ask if she could stay an extra hour due to her lateness, but I decided to ask as I paid for 10 hours. She said she couldn’t as she needed to take a train. I wasn’t happy with this but thought I would bring it up the next day. She stayed for 9 hours and left. I emailed a few days later to thank her but said I would like a refund because not only was she an hour late but as a result, I had to pay extra for my car. Her assistant replied saying no refund would be given. Yes she was late but it was because of traffic and her helping me glue my hair is a service that normally costs £45 and that will make up for the time. I was upset with this as you can imagine, because I didn’t ask her to glue it. I thought it was from the goodness of her heart. I said all of this to her and said she didn’t say this on the day, my friend glues hair (and my hairdresser was still there actually so they could’ve done it). Secondly, principle. I paid for 10 hours makeup and I only got 9 hours. She made me late as well. I didn’t get any other response. No money back. Nothing. Just completely ignored. I think that is completely unprofessional and very rude. My bridesmaids saw her rudeness first hand I cannot and would not recommend her due to the poor customer service

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