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Allie Brt
1.00 /5.00
4 weeks ago
The first wig I got from him was amazing. Trusting him a bought a second which was nothing as it appeared on his Instagram so I sent it back for a new one which eventually came but took time. When that finally arrived it was like a wish version of a wig which didn’t even match my measurements that I gave him and also had dodgy areas of hair that had been cut. He said that I could return for a new one baring in mind I paid 250 already and the wig he had now agreed to do was 200£ and I wasn’t asking for the 50£ back. It’s been a whole year since the first order and now we have no money no wig and no response. I highly recommend that you DO NOT use this guy because it seems he builds a good rapport with you at first only to later stab you in the back with zero remorse
1.00 /5.00
2 months ago
He ruined my Wedding!!! This is an honest and truthful review

Where do I even start????

If I could rate him a zero, I would; THIS IS TRULY AN HONEST REVIEW

I contacted Marvin approx in November 2018 as I got engaged in the February and I was due to get married in July 2019. I was having 2 weddings (my Nigerian traditional in March 2019 and then the white wedding in July) so I wanted 2 wigs; I always said I would only have Marvin do my hair on my wedding day. He was so attentive and said everything I needed to hear on Instagram. (I had to eventually block him as it was too painful to see him getting on with life after disappointing me so much) He had a promotion on at the time and was making £250 wigs up to 18inches. I explained what I needed and he agreed to make both wigs and even style my hair on my Big Day so long as I paid for travel (I actually offered to pay for a hotel room for him to stay and enjoy himself) and I made a payment to a Monzo account immediately to secure the wig for the March wedding. The wig arrived a month later however, the frontal was probably used or just overplucked. I contacted Marvin to advise him what happened and he advised that he would replace the frontal for me. Unfortunately, 1 week before I left for my wedding, my Mum passed away unexpectedly, so I had to divert my attention to that however, Marvin was fully aware and knew I needed my wig before I travelled. He advised me that the frontal had been ordered…… it did not arrive. When I returned from Nigeria, I contacted him in April and he messaged me saying the frontal arrived but he had a lot on his mind; he then let me know that he would redo the whole wig. I asked if I should return the old one and he didn’t respond. A few months later when he should have been making my wig for my UK wedding, I still hadn’t had my wig from the March wedding rectified! I literally spammed his messages, his comments on Instagram, his Whatsapp and even called him but this did not appear to phase him. When I spoke to him, he rushed me off the phone and told me that he was making the wig and hung up.
It was then that I knew I had to make a decision to cut my losses with the £250 as the wig never got corrected and he didn’t care about having an unsatisfied customer. All Marvin cares about are his celebrity clients and his influencers. The average Joe like myself and others who work so hard to get that sort of money, quite frankily, he could not give a 5hit about!!!

As a fellow hairdresser myself, I was truly disappointed, saddened and infuriated by Marvin’s actions as I could not have lived with myself if a customer was unhappy with one of my creations… I have been doing hair for over 16 years! What’s even more upsetting is that I had told my Sisters that I wanted to do my own hair for my Wedding and they absolutely refused…. I never let anyone do my hair and have always done mine since I was 9 years old (I am now 33) and I can truly understand why I made this decision. I make great wigs myself but I just wish I trusted my instincts first!

This experience with Marvin is not isolated; I recommended friends to him and they advised of late appointments/ no shows or diverting his work to his assistant! For some reason, I thought that he would be different for something as important as a Wedding (not to say that no one elses hair is not as important)

He took 0 ownerships, always had excuses (He told me that he was depressed, his Mum was ill and lots of other stuff and I even asked him to come to my engagement party a week before my Mum’s death to take his mind off of things and I would pay for him to stay in a hotel…) and had absolutely no care in the world about my feelings or anything once he got my money in his hand.

I have been a huge Marvin supporter since he was on the show “Hair” on BBC3 and I would recommend him at any opportunity; I told him this and he was seemingly grateful.

The only light at the end of the tunnel came when I searched online for a Luton Hairdresser as this was where I was to marry and I found Melissa Jade (@Melissajade23) of MJA Hair…. Trust me, I will do a review for her! She eventually did my wig to the absolute highest of quality and she styled my hair on the Big Day.

Marvin, I truly hope that your awful actions do not come back to haunt you too much and I will continue to pray for people like you because you almost ruined my Big Day because you ruined my traditional wedding.

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