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4 months ago
My experience
I contacted theceecollectionuk for one of the wigs they sell on the 21st of Jan. I paid for the wig the following day (£240). It was then made known to me that she doesn’t have any wigs in her possession and I’d have to wait for it to be shipped from the supplier. This was already an issue because I needed the hair within a week but then she took 4 days to find out how long delivery would take and at the end they didn’t even have the length of the wig I wanted. She agreed to process my refund on the 27th of January and I made it clear that I needed the money urgently to make alternative hair arrangements in time for my flight - she said it would take 3-5 working days. Long story short, it took 3 weeks to receive my entire refund (16 Feb). Aside from the ridiculous refund period, I think it’s also important to disclose the fact that you drop-ship or don’t hold your own stock so customers are aware before money is exchanged. Her hair does look nice though so hopefully this is a learning curve 🙏🏾

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