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6 months ago
So I made a booking in November for my birthday, due to there being a National Lockdown Announcement it was cancelled, which I was upset as It was few days till my birthday & couldn’t get a last minute mua, I had explained this if there was any chance to go ahead as it was for my birthday if not I would appreciate a refund as there was no reason to reschedule, she stated that “I am simply not permitted to work due to this lockdown and the new national restrictions, which also prohibit me from providing services in clients homes. If you’re unsure please feel free to look them up on the Gov.uk website” She also stated I am able to reschedule a year from the booking. So currently we are still in Lockdown & no Health & Beauty services should be servicing, yet on her page she is clearly servicing clients & Influencers. I have now reached out to her to ask for my deposit back based on the premise she gave me & cancelled my birthday booking. As this does not make sense if you are still taking bookings through Lockdown. She then said she will not refund me and I had apparently cancelled my booking either way, which is a lie. She has now taken £40 deposit yet no service has been given and she herself has cancelled my booking without my knowledge. I have checked the GOVUK website & beauty services are not supposed to be opened. She obviously is just making excuses to keep the money. I don’t know how a person can do this, I explained I will be making a police report as this is daylight robbery

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