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Braids, Natural Hair

East London

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1.00 /5.00
4 weeks ago
Do not book with her !
I spoke to her one evening and was going to schedule an appointment but I did not transfer the money within 12hours so she cancelled my appointment and said I wasted her time as if a asking about her services is a waste of time. She is not professional at all; she does not know how to speak to her clients
1.00 /5.00
8 months ago
AVOID at all cost!!
My experience with BraidedByDee like many others has been horrible, she has talent but her work ethics and lack of professionalism overshadows everything. I booked her a month before my actual appointment and a day before I realised she had not sent me her address. I contacted her by email and within a few minutes she responded claiming that she was currently in hospital as an inpatient with life threatening appendicitis and needed to reschedule; two weeks later she contacted me by email to offer appointment dates.The day before my appointment she wanted to reschedule the time by pushing it back because she claimed she had just been told that she had an a follow up outpatients appointment. I told her I was not able to change the time as I had to go to work, where she now wanted to know where I worked. Anyways I got my hair done at the original time because I didn’t budge. I did ask her if they removed her appendix and she said no (I’m a nurse so I know if someone has a ruptured appendix they will remove it ASAP as it is an emergency). I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and booked with her a month later.I had just got off the bus in Plaistow, mind you I had travelled from South London and was a few minutes walk away from her house when she emailed me asking if I got her email. The only email I received from her the day before was that I can bring the hair on the day as before I had brought it to her a few days before. I let her know which email I had received and then she said she had sent me an email to reschedule as she had done a night shift. She was very unprofessional and wanted me to wait in Westfields whilst she got some sleep and this was around 10am and took ages to respond ‘I don’t want to be dozing on your head.’ I had asked for a refund and a week or two went by where she ignored the request after she agreed to refund. When I prompted her again and told her that I would proceed with legal action she told me that I was being bitter. A lot of people have had bad experiences with her where she withholds deposits, ignores clients and lies (has to attend a funeral, been in a car accident, had to travel to Ghana or Nigeria because her grandmother died, admitted into hospital) countless lies

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