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Coventry, Manchester

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1.00 /5.00
5 months ago
Awful experience— terrible scammer 😭😭
Horrific- the babe doesn’t even have a price list, she just looked at my Instagram and charged a silly price. I asked for a 12” 613 wig and paid extra for a blunt cut and this is what she gave me. Unfortunately, I don’t have any more pictures of the hair because I chucked it in the bin as soon as I saw it. She used black threading and the tinest wig cap ever to sew the wig. Not o ly this, she had due all over the lace and when I had sent her pictures of such she told me to ‘just send it back’. I complied with this so she could alter the wig (change wig cap, cut the hair to a blunt format, and change the threading to white as the hair is 613). She didn’t do none of this but kept my wig hostage for over a month. When she finally sent it back, the wig was exactly the same as it came 😭 and when I told her about this she just gave me a partial refund and money off another wig and refused to give me a full refund. Bare in mind she charged me £175 for a 12” 613 wig— do yourselves a massive favour and don’t even bother contacting the girl 😭😭😭 hair quality was ridiculous, one row was 16” the other 12” and the other 10” it was so silly and I can’t believe she’s getting away with it 😐😭
1.00 /5.00
6 months ago
Run like the wind Girl
The worst Instagram hair page! Absolute scammers, scanty hair quality, bad customer service, hair not true to length. Just trying to communicate with them is longggg,they take too long to reply. I recently ordered a wig and what I got in the post after a month(late delivery) was not what I ordered. I ordered a frontal and got a T part wig, wrong colour, sent me a shorter wig when I ordered 24inches, wrong cap size,just absolute shambles overall. I’ve heard I’m not the first to get scammed by them before, I’d stay away ladies. What you see on insta is not what you get in real life

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