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Based in South East London

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1.00 /5.00
5 months ago
Shouldn’t have ignored the red flags!
I booked with her a month before my birthday. Once I had paid the deposit I sent an email asking for her contact number. I found it odd it had not been provided so I put my number in the signature in case she was more comfortable calling me on the day. After requesting 3 different times she advised she does not give her number out to clients, which is her right. My worry was if anything happened on the day, my actual birthday, she would email me which wouldn’t be helpful for either of us. A week before my birthday she emailed to change my 2.15 appointment to 3pm, the time my guests were due to arrive. I expressed that to her, she apologised and ensured me that by 3.45 she’d be done so it should be okay. On the day of my birthday an hour before she was due to arrive she emailed me to let me know she was stuck in Peckham, I am based in north london, and she would no longer be able to attend. She also promised that should I be stupid enough to want to book her again it would be for £20. Obviously as this information was emailed over on my birthday. I did not see these emails until I went to chase her at 3.15pm. The service was disorganised and unprofessional. I did reach out 6 months later to take her up on the £20 offer and she decided to ignore said email. Please book at your own risk and make sure you have a friend for back-up.

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