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1.00 /5.00
2 months ago
WORST EVER!! She is a scammer
Absolutely terrible. I ordered these wigs during her sale last year December. I ordered two wigs from her, Swiss mocha and Chyna wig. I have been calling her, whatsapping her and messaging her. Her responses are terrible. When you finally get through to her. She’d be telling you I’ll ‘what wig did you order hun’. Making all sorts of excuses about her post office not being opened or her ‘work phone’ being off. DO NOT ORDER FROM HER. On top of that once I screenshot evidence from our messages and posted them on Snapchat and insta. She messaged me asking to take it down claiming I’m ‘putting a stain on her business’. I have had enough of her lying and telling me she will post the hair and not posting it. TWO MONTHS and I still haven’t received the hair. Not happy at all ❌❌❌ please check the pic
1.00 /5.00
2 months ago
It was the wrong wig
I ordered these wigs in last year I hope she has improved from then. She was doing a very good sale at the time, buy 3 wigs get one free, from then I should have known. I purchased the wigs in January, I received them in March, I wasn’t it a rush but I did ask if I would be receiving my wig first week in March by then - 5/6 weeks. I ordered a black straight Bob, black straight wig and a blonde highlight brown wig and a curly Bob for free. The construction of the wigs was terrible, was factory made, lace was grey and it was very big despite being the standard inch size, so didn’t fit around my hairline no matter how I tried to customise it. The worse thing however was the quality, they were extremely thin, the normal straight wig frontal was quite noticeably shorter than the rest of the wig and was very thin and wispy. I had to add tracks to the wig just so it looked decent, the Bob was also very thin and none of the wigs were accurate in terms of length. The curly Bob was more of a curly Afro, I thought water could help - it didn’t. the construction was not in a Bob shape and the hair was too short. Because of the price I thought I have to just take this L. It was not until I looked at the blonde wig I thought it was an honest mistake because the wig looked nothing as advertised, instead I was told to ‘look properly hun’ a very condescending response. I thought was my eyes playing tricks on me but no, I had received an ash blonde wig instead of a the brown one with blonde highlights. While this wigs was probably the best out of the bad bunch, it’s simply not what I ordered. I was disappointed with all the wigs I just had to make them work in the end. I was extremely nice and she initially set the tone for the colloquial language of ‘hun’ ‘babe’ I think this created a lack of professionalism that I probably should have not fed into. Will not use again.
1.00 /5.00
3 months ago
She’s a scammer
I paid for hair in December and till today I’ve received nothing.She keeps promising to give me a tracking number or sometimes she’ll just air my messages...don’t order from her
1.00 /5.00
3 months ago
Extremely poor. This girl is a scammer! She took my money in September and till this day no wig! She refused to give me a refund and didn’t provide tracking details. Let me be clear, you’ll be lucky to get a response from her once you’ve paid!! She really will air every message. If/when she did reply she was very patronising and condescending. I’ve spoken to a handful of girls who she has scammed. If you go on her hair page, see how many people are practically begging for her to reply, some have even aired her out in the comments (which I have screenshots of) but she deletes them. please do not order from this girl! She is not genuine
2.00 /5.00
3 months ago
great wig terrible customer service
I ordered a wig around the end of September and was told it would be shipped by October. I waited and waited and gave the company some grace. Beginning of November I messaged asked for an update as I hadn't heard back from them. I messaged quite a few times and there was no substantial response just "hey" then I was aired. Around the end of November, I messaged again and they said my wig was ready and was going to be shipped. A week later it hadn't arrived so I asked for a tracking number... no response. After a week I was finally given the tracking number. I go to track it and come to see she had lied about when it was shipped. I finally received my wig a week into December. I would have understood if there was some clear communication with me but it felt like I was being avoided. The wig was amazing but the customer service has put me off wanting to come back again.
M girl
1.00 /5.00
4 months ago
I ordered a wig from this company and the overall was truly disappointing. I placed my order late October and yet to this day I have not received my wig. The communications from the “business” itself was basically non-existent . When she finally responded she came up with a poor excuse stating that wig processing time takes between 2-3 weeks and in this case the processing process had already passed. The business is disorganised, non-professional and lacks logistical support. If I do receive my hair, this will be the first and last time I will be buying hair from this company. Side note- I never write reviews, but the way the overall business is I needed to share my experience so people can be aware of the company !!

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