For Blelpers

What is a Blelper?

“Blelper" is the affectionate nickname we give to people who create reviews on our platform. We’re empowering Blelpers by incentivising them to create reviews with regular prize draws, cash giveaways and much more for our most active Blelpers, so what are you waiting for? Rate and review now!

Who can become a Blelper?

Our website is predominantly for black people, specifically black women. However we’re open to getting relevant reviews from everyone.

How do I become a Blelper?

Simply sign up with your email to become a Blelper and complete a review. To celebrate our launch all Blelpers who complete a review will be entered into our £3,000 cash giveaway.

Why should I become a Blelper?

By becoming a Blelper you are helping people who look like you get the best quality products and services for their money. In addition to this, we’re incentivising our Blelpers with regular cash giveaways, prize draws and much more. To celebrate our launch we’re giving away £3,000 cash! To be in with a chance of winning, sign up to become a Blelper and complete a review today!

What can a Blelper review?

Everything and anything to do with hair and beauty. This includes but is not limited to: hairstylists, hair providers, wigs and wig makers, MUAs, nail and lash technicians. You can literally review any hair and beauty service and if you can’t find the beauty provider on our website, simply add it!

How do you pronounce “Blelp”?

It’s pronounced similarly to how you pronounce “help” just remove the “h” and replace it with the “BL” sound. Blelp!

For businesses

How do I claim my business?

As a business owner, you can claim your business by clicking “Claim this business" on your business listing page and submitting some form of documentation that serves as proof of your ownership, or by direct messaging us on Instagram via your business account and letting us know that you want to claim your business on Blelp. 

Why should I claim my business?

Many of our Blelpers could be existing or potential customers of yours. We are an objective platform where your existing and potential customers can come and see what other people are saying about your products and services. When you claim your business, you legitimise your business listing to our Blelpers. Our research has shown that businesses who have been claimed by their owners are more likely to receive positive reviews.

What is Blelp For Business?

Blelp For Business is the premium service we offer to beauty providers to further enhance their listing. For detailed information on Blelp For Business, please click here.

Once I claim my business, can I delete reviews?

No. We will only delete reviews that violate our terms and conditions. We do regular scans of our website to ensure reviews are in line with our terms and conditions.

Why are you encouraging my customers to write reviews?

The ultimate goal of Blelp is to hold Instagram hair and beauty providers accountable and facilitate black people in trusting black businesses economically. The best way to promote this is through word of mouth which is what Blelp enables by exalting thriving businesses and being a safe space where struggling businesses can view feedback directly from their customers.

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