Our mission

Blelp is a customer review platform that acts as a safe space for black women to ensure they’re getting the best quality hair and beauty products and services for their money.

Awareness alone is not enough. For beauty providers to truly thrive in the competitive landscape we need to encourage a healthy and constructive feedback culture between the black consumer and beauty providers. The ultimate goal of Blelp is to hold Instagram hair and beauty providers accountable and facilitate black people in trusting black businesses economically.

Word of mouth is the most powerful type of promotion for both consumers and businesses. There is nothing like a good review that will motivate a consumer to spend their money with a beauty provider. Blelp is the ideal place for black women to come together and share the real tea on which hair and beauty providers are the best (and worst).

We have an affectionate nickname for our people who create reviews, “Blelpers”. We’re empowering our Blelpers by incentivising them to create reviews with prize draws, giveaways and much more for our most active Blelpers. To celebrate our launch, all Blelpers who complete a review will be entered into our £3,000 Cash Giveaway! So what are you waiting for? Write a review now!

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